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Recruitment and Technology can be good friends with boundaries

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·Mar 31, 2022·

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Recruitment and Technology can be good friends with boundaries

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Table of contents

  • Efficiencies in hiring:
  • Cost optimisation:
  • Summary

Technology is changing the way we recruit. In fact, it’s changing so that it can be hard to keep up. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to understand how technology is driving this change. In this article we will discuss two important factors leading this change.

Efficiencies in hiring:

The internet has made it easier for employers to find candidates and for candidates to find jobs. But, the process of sorting resumes and interviewing candidates is time-consuming and expensive.

There are few efficiencies that technology can bring to the process of hiring. For example, online applications and screening make it easier to identify qualified candidates. Video interviews can save both the employer and candidate time. Use of data analytics enhance the experience for both the parties.

It is important not to lose sight of the human element in recruiting. After all, computers cannot assess everything that makes someone a good fit for a role.

Cost optimisation:

Technology helps reduce the cost by automating certain tasks such as background checks. Also online recruiting platforms often charge lower fees than traditional headhunting firms. AI and ML helps to automate these processes, which can save employers time and money.

These cost-saving technologies often lack the human aspect of recruitment. Human aspect is also important for making good hires.


Technology is changing the way recruitment works. #AI and #ML platform improve employer efficiency in finding the right candidates. While this change is to optimise efficiency and cost, we shouldn't forget the human aspect. We need to combine the power of AI with human interviewing skills for a better solution. We can help:

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