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Technical hiring: Be aware of leaks in hiring process.

Technical hiring: Be aware of leaks in hiring process.

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·Apr 1, 2022·

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Do you have leaks in your hiring process? You may not even know it! Leaks (financial, time, experience) in hiring pipeline are a huge problem in companies today. They can cause all sorts of issues, from low morale to missed deadlines. In this blog post, we will discuss four of the top leaks in your hiring pipeline.

Hidden cost

When you hire someone who doesn't work out, it costs your company time and money as you have to go through another round of interviewing, or worse yet, spend weeks or months training someone who isn't going to be successful in the role.

According to research from SHRM, bad hires cost an organization around $25000 per position filled .

That number includes everything from lost productivity caused by underperforming employees to recruiting fees paid when replacing them..

Time spent on interviewing

The average amount of time companies spend screening candidates has increased from 9 days in 2010 to 12 days today . This means companies are losing more time than ever before due only to bad hires.

Inconsistent candidate experience

If your company isn’t consistent with its interviewing process , it sends mixed signals to potential employees . They may think they're being evaluated against different standards than others who interviewed for the same role or they may wonder why their interviewer didn’t ask them any questions about their experience or skillset .

Unqualified candidates

One major issue with focusing too heavily on technical evaluations during interviews is that it leads many organizations astray by judging candidates based on their ability rather than their actual fit for the job opening . Focusing too narrowly on evaluating tech skills can result in hiring managers passing over qualified individuals because they don’t have

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